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Thomasville's Seth Kipper - WTXL Scholar Athlete of the Week

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Posted at 12:20 AM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-18 00:20:43-04

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WTXL) - For any athlete, it's not easy to start over, especially at a new school in your junior season.

"Guys that work respect other guys that work and as a collection of guys that know how to work, Seth is absolutely a part of that," said Thomasville head baseball coach Erik McDougald about his senior Seth Kipper.

Game respects game, and hustle and heart is what now Thomasville senior Kipper is all about.

"They took me in as if I was family," he said of when he transferred in. "They treated me with respect. I treated them with respect. Overall it's just a great program."

It's a great program that's chasing history, and looking to win their first State title in two decades.

"This year's team? It's perfect. Everybody is different in their own way and coaches know that," said Kipper. "They stress about getting work done, being yourself really, and I think that's the key to this season."

"Seth has the ability to work. I mean that in ever facet," said McDougald. "It doesn't matter if it's raking home plate or cleaning up the field or washing his uniform. He knows how to work. People that succeed work hard to do it and Seth's one of those."

Add making the grades to that list, as Kipper balances a 3.26 GPA.

"It's just a matter of getting your work done. Coming out here and playing baseball and being successful everyday," he said. "That's the whole key to playing baseball. That's what it's about."

Erik: "He's a very hard worker," added McDougald. "It doesn't matter if you're in the weight room, on the baseball field, if you're in the classroom. Whatever it is, he puts his best at it."

His best, and for Kipper, he's looking to finish this season as the best - a State Champ.

"I think it's all our top priority," he said. "Just getting the work done."

Hard work from a guy you'd expect nothing different.