ABC 27's Scholar Athlete of the Week: Lincoln's Sanija Waller

scholar athlete
Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 12, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — There are some athletes you just enjoy watching play the game. Sanija Waller is one of those athletes. In her time at Lincoln, she's played half a dozen sports, and currently, she's anchoring the flag football team's offense and hoping to make a few memories along the way.

Waller first fell in love with the sport of football when she was in middle school.

"Just having brothers and rough housing with them, it was more comfortable playing with boys," she said.

Waller continued tackle football through her sophomore year, but her talents are limitless. Tackle football is not the only sport she's left her mark on.

Flag football, softball, weightlifting, track, wrestling, and basketball too.

"We kind of rely on her because of the great athlete she is, but she's able to step up to the plate and make the plays," said flag football head coach Brandon Youmans.

A difference maker, and one that's helped make this Lincoln flag football team one of the best in Class 1A.

"We know she's the type of athlete that can change the game on offense or defense," said Youmans. "I may look like a smart coach, but really, she does things out of the ordinary sometimes."

"I'm super excited," added Waller. "I think we can take it all the way. We're very talented, and very athletic."

For Waller, she's very talented in the classroom, balancing a 4.2 GPA.

"Just to know I'm able to do both well, in the classroom and on the field, is very cool."

"She's not real rah-rah when it comes follow me, but if you just follow what she does, on the field and in the classroom, anybody would be a successful person following what she does," added Youmans.

A leader who looks to keep this team going all the way to state.

"We've been putting in work 24/7, on and off the field," she said.

"If she continues to do that, the sky's the limit for what we can do," agreed Youmans.

No limit for Lincoln, or for Waller, who's never believed in limits anyways. Waller has her choice of sport to play and college to play for. She said she's currently weighing her options, but one day wants to become an anesthesiologist.