Proof Brewing Company's 'STAY GOAL'D' created with Tallahassee Soccer Club fans in mind

Posted at 10:25 AM, Jun 15, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — The Proof Brewing Company has long been a supporter of the Tallahassee Soccer Club. Anytime the Battle Lions are on the road you can watch the livestream of the game at the Brewery. But Proof felt that they needed to take their support for local soccer to the next level.

“When you look across the country obviously there’s a lot of support for local breweries supporting their local soccer clubs," said Proof Brewing's marketing director Bryan Smith. "So we just wanted to model something very similar.”

The Proof Brewing Company has always strived to be ahead of the curve in creativity. Whether that be new flavors of beer or supporting their local community. So that led to the creation of "Stay Goal’d,"a Hazy Pale Ale that embodies the Tallahassee Soccer Club and it’s rabid fanbase.

“We were just hoping to put together something that the community could get behind. And the support that we’ve gotten has been overwhelming," says Tallahassee Soccer Club board member Michael Bonfanti. "And the fact that we have a beer with our logo on it, partnering with one of the largest breweries in Tallahassee, it’s really outstanding.”

It was crafted with the Battle Lion organization and its supporters in mind.

“ We didn’t want it to be a full body IPA where it’s too hoppy. Something that was juicy, something that was sessionable. Lower ABV that you can drink when you’re tailgating," adds Smith.

“It just shows that the community believes in Tallahassee Soccer Club. That there is now a tangible beer that you can go out and buy with our branding on it," Bonfanti added. "And it’s just been great to have that support from Proof.

So next time the Battle Lions are on the road, why not reach for a "Stay Goal’d" and support your hometown Battle Lions while enjoying it.