Marvin's Movement comes full circle back to gridiron

Posted at 11:41 PM, Jul 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-16 23:41:03-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)  — Just months after signing as an undrafted free agent to the Cleveland Browns former Florida State defensive tackle Marvin Wilson is right back in his second home doing what he loves most.

Sharing an important message to the youth of the community.

"Most definitely just coming back and giving them hope more than anything. This could be you and it’s not about trying to be me, it’s about being better than me," says Wilson. "You really show them a way that’s a path throughout this sport. And not just through the sport but the people you can meet, network with and just have and be a great person.”

What started as a simple class on financial literacy quickly sprouted into a movement. A culture. And a way for Marvin to leave his permanent mark here in the Capital City.

“Marvin said it from the beginning and I said whatever we do I want to make sure we’re both in it for the long haul. And he said coach I want to do this," said Ed Hill. "I always want to come back. I want to come back to Tallahassee and give to this community. And he’s done that. He’s shown that. We’ve talked about the growth and what we want to do with this program.”

With his eyes set on locking in a roster spot with AFC contender Cleveland. Marvin has not once lost sight of the progress he’s made here in Tallahassee. And after many hours spent in a classroom setting, Friday night was all about having fun.

“It’s about both work hard play hard. Just coming out here and having a family environment coming out and showing kids what made me fall in love with football. Helping them fall in love with football. And not necessarily with the sport but just the people and the comrodority.”

Because Marvin chose to go outside the norm and do more than just a simple football camp. He’s taught valuable life lessons you can’t learn on a football field alone. But when it came time to introduce a camp setting. Marvin remembered how his journey to where he is today unfolded. Ed and him both agreed that this opportunity shouldn’t cost a penny.

“This is a free camp. A lot of these kids grew up on free camps. Marvin is where he is and all those kids are where they are because they went to free camps," adds Hill.

And maybe one day an opportunity like this will inspire the next generation of young adults to walk along the footsteps of Marvin Wilson and make the communities they live in a better place.

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