Lincoln Volleyball Team Looks To "End Up On The Wall" With District Championship

Lincoln Volleyball Team Looks To "End Up On The Wall" With District Championship
Posted at 11:53 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-17 23:53:00-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - The Lincoln High School volleyball team boasts an impressive 19-3 record on the year. On Tuesday, they begin their journey to a State Championship, and goal number one en route to gold? Win a District title, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since 2002.

"The first thing they said to me was Coach Katie, we're tired of being almost there," said first year head coach Katie Johnson. "They said, we're second place, we're almost there, we want to make a push and finish on top. Just watching them win matches, battle, just watching them grow as a team and come together and learn how to win has been great."

Their record is just for regular season bragging rights, and the postseason is a new gauntlet, one this team hasn't had great success in in quite some time.

"Hanging up in our gym, over there, haven't won since 2002, and that just drives us every day," said junior Kaylyn Buchanan. "Looking at that picture, and looking at who's in that picture, we're just working, working, working to get our faces up on the wall, every single practice, every single game."

"There's top three teams in Tallahassee, and they're really competitive," said senior Madison Fitzpatrick. "We really wanna be up there, hopefully take home the goal in that, but also another big goal is state. In the long run, we really feel like we have the talent this year and the will power, and we really think we're going to go far."

"This team is just different than all of the other years that I've played," added Buchanan. "We love each other, we're about each other, we play for each other, and that heart for each other will drive us farther than any other, anyone else."

The Trojans face Chiles Tuesday to open up District Tournament play. If they win, they will face Leon on Thursday for the District title.