Lincoln's Austin Pollock - WTXL/TCC Scholar Athlete of the Week

Lincoln High's Grant Glennon - WTXL/TCC Scholar Athlete of the Week
Posted at 12:29 AM, Apr 27, 2017
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TALLAHASSEE, Fl. (WTXL) - Back in November, Lincoln senior Austin Pollock realized a childhood dream - signing with Florida State University.

"I've always wanted to go on and play at the next level, but then to play for my hometown at FSU, it's a dream come true," he said of the big day.

Austin's looking to realize a few more dreams before he graduates from Lincoln - mainly, taking his team to State.

"I feel like we're really gelling together as a team," said Austin of this Trojan squad. "We've been playing really well together the past few games, but really just need to keep it up because it's about to get real big here real soon."

Real big - kind of like Austin's stats on the mound. Fifty strikeouts in 40 innings of work, and at the plate? He's batting over 300.

"He's a very unassuming, good kid," said had coach Mike Gauger. "People gravitate to him because he is very unassuming, very humble. In all the things he's achieved, you wouldn't be able to tell because he's out here working just as hard as every other kid out here."

"I'm just lead by example. It'll rub off on everyone if you go out there and play hard," said Austin of his leadership style. "I feel like it has been. All the seniors, we've been going out there giving it our all and everyone just comes right behind us and we just play hard."

Austin's also leading in the classroom - where he balances a 3.0 GPA.

"It's nice having kids coming to school you don't have to worry about chase around the hallways making sure they're where they're supposed to be," laughed coach Gauger. "He's always accountable and where he needs to be when he needs to be there."

Where he needs to be - and if Austin has it his way, where he'll be in May is playing for a State Championship.