Lake 38 set to host fifth Pro-Am this weekend

Posted at 11:55 PM, Jun 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-01 23:55:24-04

QUINCY, Fla. (WTXL) — You've probably seen the movie field of dreams. For Keith Albritton, water skiing, not baseball, is his passion. So his field of dreams is Lake 38, a lake he built in 2012.

Lake 38 hosts its fifth Pro-Am this weekend, which showcases over 50 professional and amateur water-skiers. Hosting big events wasn't the original plan, but you know the famous line, if you build it, he will come.

"Yes!" laughed Albritton when asked if people thought he was crazy to build his own lake. "You know what? They were probably a little bit right!"

Lake 38 is located in Quincy, Florida.

"I never got on a pair of waterskis until I was 22 at a family reunion," said Albritton. "We bought this land in 2008, and I thought, this might be long enough for a lake."

It was.

"It's kind of like build it, they will come. Well, they did!"

People have most definitely come. Over 50 professional and amateur water skiers are set to compete in the fifth Lake 38 Pro-Am, skiers like Chelsea Mills.

"Even someone like me who loved water skiing growing up, didn't know the competitive side existed."

Mills picked up the sport after playing tennis in college and was hooked.

"I'm addicted to the adrenaline," she said. "You got introduced to state tournaments and regional tournaments and then it was like, maybe I could nationals. One goal led to another, and now I'm on the pro tour."

A tour that's made Quincy, Florida a regular stop.

"I think we all would love to bring it to more people, we'd love to have people come out and watch the event," said Mills.

"I wanted it world class, and we achieved that and now world class skiers are coming," added Albritton.

Because for him, it's the place dreams come true. The Lake 38 Pro-Am kicks off Friday, and wraps up Sunday with the pro finals. Admission for spectators is free, and people are encouraged to come and watch. Lake 38's address is 5049 CR-161, Quincy, Florida 32352. For more information, click here.