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High School Coaching Catch Up: Munroe's Michael Gaines

High School Coaching Catch Up: Munroe's Michael Gaines
Posted at 10:18 AM, Jul 12, 2023

QUINCY, Fla. (WTXL) — A new era is underway out in Quincy for the Munroe football team, and the new man at the helm is a familiar one, in former Florida High star, Michael Gaines, who went on to play at UCF and then in the NFL.

Gaines, brings a wealth of experience on the gridiron, to a program that has been on the rise, and he is excited for what this new chapter has to offer.

"Munroe just ended up being a God send," said Gaines. "The perfect fit for me."

The right fit for the former Big Bend star, who is excited to not only lead this great program, but continue giving back to the game that gave so much to him.

"When the game leaves, you know a piece of it leaves with you," added Gaines. "So to now give back to a generation that needs the guidance, that needs the encouragement, you know it means everything."

And sure, Coach Gaines wants to win, but to do that he knows the Bobcats will need to succeed off the field, as much as they do on it.

"Most people don't look at football being part of education," added Gaines. "You have to work in it, get the studying in, to understand what different coverages are, different techniques, and so we are going to work hard, we are going to play hard, we are going to play fast, but we are going to play smart."

A smart group, looking to add to a program that has done a lot of winning. The Cats enter this fall fresh off their first ever final four appearance, so the guys will be confident, but Coach Gaines made it clear, that he will want his team ready for anything thrown their way.

"I tell them all the time to be used to being uncomfortable," added Gaines. "Being in the best shape of your life ain't comfortable, being the smartest in your class is uncomfortable, start loving this feeling, because when you love this feeling, greatness is coming on the other side. I'm excited for them, more than I am excited for myself. I want to see these kids perform, start getting opportunities, so I just can't wait."

And for the Bobcats, the fall season cannot get here soon enough.