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High School Coaching Catch up: Gadsden County's Russell Ellington

High School Coaching Catch up: Gadsden County's Russell Ellington
Posted at 6:37 PM, Jun 13, 2023

HAVANA, Fla. (WTXL) — Russell Ellington has seen a lot of winning in Gadsden County, and now the former Munroe head coach looks to bring a similar product to the Gadsden County Jaguars.

"The kids have bought in, the community has bought in," said Ellington. "Don't know how far we are going to go, the plan is to go all the way, but we're going to definitely be a winning football team."

A winning mindset, that has already been instilled, and Ellington knows this program is already on that right path.

"They've been working hard, they've been told what they can't do by everyone, the new staff has come in and put some belief in them," added Ellington. "That's all they were missing, just some people to care about them and show them the right way to go and it's nothing like people told me it would be, so it is a great feeling right now. Talent is not the problem at Gadsden County, and the kids have bought in, and I am excited."

The buy-in is there, and has been since day one, because Coach Ellington knows his group wants to see a turnaround in year one.

"I feel like right now they would run through a wall for us, the rest is on us, as coaches, a coaching staff," added Ellington. "We have to coach them up, lead them in the right direction, but they are giving us 110."

And that effort is being seen at every level, as Ellington believes he has the right staff to make sure this team gets to where they want to be.

"A couple of them when I interviewed them for the job, that's the number one, they said bring that glory back to their county, that is what they want," said Ellington. "They didn't even talk about stipends, or money, they say they want to bring glory back to the county, and that is my job, and that's what I want to do, and I feel like I have the right men to do that."

The right men and the right plan to get the Jags back on top.