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High School Coaching Catch Up: Berrien's Ken Eldridge

High School Coaching Catch Up: Berrien's Ken Eldridge
Posted at 7:55 PM, Jul 18, 2023

NASHVILLE, Ga. (WTXL) — Back at the helm of a high school football program for the first time since 2015, Berrien has tabbed Ken Eldridge as the guy that they hope can lead the Rebels to new heights.

Eldridge is South Georgia through and through, and he is excited for what this new venture has to offer.

"You know, I've got a few years left in my career but not a lot, and I just want to get back into it and do it again," said Eldridge. "You know after being here this past year, being in Nashville, Berrien County, it's an opportunity that seemed very good, and it has been very good for me, for us, and just the opportunity to be here at Berrien and be the head coach here."

A good fit for a coach who was ready to lead again, Eldridge is excited to be the head Rebel at Berrien High School and he said the backing he has gotten is a big reason why.

"I mean there has been nothing but phenomenal support from every, from administration, superintendent, principal, board of education, touchdown club, community members," added Eldridge. "The players, teachers, I mean it has all been, the support has been phenomenal so far."

A phenomenal situation, and fresh off the programs first winning season since 1995, Coach Eldridge believes that taste of success can be vital moving forward.

"It has to become an expectation, and it's not something, obviously we want to build off of that, but we want to build off of it, in a way that everything is done, what I call the winning way," added Eldridge. "There's a lot of things starting to happen, and we just have to get that to become what they expect to do at every level within the county, at that point in time, then you start building a program, and it just rolls on it's own."

Looking to roll, and find consistent success, and to do that, Coach believes it will take the entire city of Nashville.

"I just want the whole community, the school system, holding each other accountable for what goes on out here," said Eldridge. "Surrounding this football program, and the entire school system, and you know to help develop everything and build everything up, and get rolling, and you know hey, let's see where we're at and see what we're about."