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Godby High School excited for completion of new turf field

Posted at 10:44 AM, Jun 21, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Good things come to those who wait, and Godby High has been waiting a while.

Gene Cox Stadium is Leon County's main facility to serve public middle and high school sports teams, and was the first to undergo the switch from natural grass to artificial turf. Every summer since, each high school has received their new field, first Chiles, then Leon, Rickards, Lincoln, and now finally the Cougars.

"The teachers were excited, the coaches were excited, the community just as excited to have the turf," said Godby athletic director Teresa Gunter. "To have us have the turf fields and be the last ones to actually do it, we're ready for it be over with so we can get to playing on it."

Godby's renovation started May the 1st. The field is entering it's final phase of completion, and it'll be ready well in time for fall camp.

Getting their own turf is a big deal for the Cougars, as multiple sports use the field, and because of it's durability, Godby football has scheduled three games this upcoming season to be played on it.

For Cougar Nation, the wait has definitely been worth it.

"The kids are like what, we get turf?! Yes, we get turf," laughed Gunter. "Of course they're used to playing on it at Cox, because Cox has turf, but to actually have it in your backyard and for it to say Godby and for it to have the Cougar head in the middle and to represent all the colors and everything we stand for right here, that's big. The kids will be very excited the very first time they get to play on this field."

Godby is set to get their track redone next summer. According to Leon County Schools, the total cost for both the Godby turf and track is $2,000,000. Like the other turf projects, the money comes from Leon County Schools' capital outlay budget.