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Brooks County ready to bring a state championship home to Quitman

Posted at 6:21 PM, Dec 09, 2021

ATLANTA, Ga. (WTXL) — The Brooks County Trojans face Irwin County Thursday night in the A-Public state championship game. It's the Trojans' third state appearance in the state title game, but they're looking for a different result this year.

The Trojans fell to Irwin County last year, and ever since that loss, head coach Maurice Freeman and company have carried the second place coin they received as a reminder that it's time to finish what they started.

When the Brooks County Trojans hit the field this week for practice, the energy was contagious. You could feel this team was ready to get to Atlanta for the state title game.

"Every doggone day, man yes I do," said Freeman of the carrying the coin. "Hopefully Friday I can leave it right there on the field."

The Trojans are no stranger to the situation and no stranger to adversity and heartbreak. This time around, Tramaine Hughes knows it'll be a whole new team taking on Irwin County at Center Parc Stadium.

"The way our coach makes us study film on the way we did things last year, watch those plays again, see what we did on defense and messed up on," he said. "Coach has a good game plan in place and I feel like we're gonna get it."

The Quitman community has rallied behind this team from day one. To be the small-town team on the road in Atlanta has Freeman, Hughes and the rest of the Trojan program fired up to bring back some hardware to their neck of the woods.

"I've been teaching and coaching for 34 years," said Freeman. "I have one state title under my belt. This one right here, wow, would be a dream come true."

"That would mean a lot for everyone in this little small town," added Hughes. "I feel like when we win the ship and come back the whole city is going to be there. Ain't nobody going to be sleeping. Everybody will be lining the streets waiting for us to come back."

The Trojans will bring those second-place coins from 2020, but that's not all they'll be bringing.

"We will be bringing that hammer," Freeman smiled as repeated the Trojans mantra.

Kick-off for Thursday night's A-Public state championship game is set for 8 p.m. in Atlanta.