FSU post scrimmage recap

Florida State Football
Posted at 10:14 PM, Aug 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-08-23 18:39:50-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – For the second consecutive preseason scrimmage a lightning warning sent the 11th-ranked Florida State football team indoors at the Albert J. Dunlap Training Facility for the completion of Wednesday’s session.

With preseason camp winding to a close the Seminoles will begin to turn their attention specifically to the Sept. 2 season-opener at Pittsburgh.

Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

Post-Scrimmage Comments:

Opening statement:

“Got the last one in … seemed to be pretty injury free. Saw things on both sides I liked as far as made plays in the running game; the passing game. Some of the young guys in the secondary batted some balls and went up and made some plays ... it was very good. Both sides probably won their situations … had their moments going back and forth, pretty competitive in the series. Nothing extraordinary both ways but much more, I thought, consistent football this time.

“Some of the plays that each side made wasn’t from busts on the other side it was made from making a good play – covering a guy, getting open on a guy and making a catch, beating a guy in a block - not where you are just running scot-free inside, or something like that. For the most part the quarterbacks handled the blitz very well. I was very pleased with the way they saw pressure, got the ball out (and) saw things from that stand point. I am going to look at the film to make sure. I was on the sideline the whole time. The exchange of the game was pretty good as far as getting the plays in and out and that action; the interaction with our staff. I was pleased with that part of it, too.”

On injury to DT Derrick Mitchell:

“Mitchell’s back was bothering him a little bit. It’s that time. The big guys have been getting pounded on for about 16-18 practices. He’ll be back.”

On the play of running backs in the scrimmage:

“They got thudded, they got hit – we just weren’t going to the ground with them. They got thumped now. They blocked full speed.”

On the quarterbacks in the scrimmage:

“I will wait to (see) the film. I was pleased. I thought (Sean) Maguire played well when he got in the game. But I was pleased with Jameis (Winston) and Jacob (Coker) today just (from the) standing on the sidelines standpoint. I’m sure there are some things I’ll see when I look at the film, but I thought both guys handled the huddle well, made plays, got the ball down the field vertically and dumped it off … … handled the blitz. I was very pleased with how they played in the scrimmage. I’m going to look and we are going to make a decision. I know one thing – we have got two very good quarterbacks.”

Will you make a decision on the quarterbacks before next week?

“I won’t put a timetable, but it could happen. I’ll wait and look at the film and we will talk to the staff again. We have talked two days as a staff and kind of reevaluate things - what everybody’s opinion is; what they are seeing - and we’ll have a staff discussion and we will go through it.”

Do the quarterbacks playing well make your decision tough?

“It’s not as tough when they do that in my opinion, because, no matter what you say, you gotta have two guys ready to play. I feel both guys have shown that they can go in and play. What I like to see is that they move both groups, and the two [second-team] a lot of times are going against the ones [first-team] on defense and visa-versa. Both of them have done a nice job moving, so it’s a tough decision maybe as far as that goes but it’s a great decision because you have got to have two quarterbacks and you’ve got two very good guys.”

Would you like to make your quarterback choice to start your game plan for Pitt?

“The first guy will get more, there’s no doubt. But the way we practice we give them a little more but not tons. We try to keep two guys pretty ready the way we practice. There is a little difference, though. Probably 60-40 difference.”

Has the defense picked up what has been installed since the first scrimmage?

“They have installed a lot since the first scrimmage. It’s hard to tell until I look at the film.”

Has the attention by the fan base on the quarterback decision been tough?

“We will try to keep them grounded. We’ll try to talk them through that situation; they have been fighting through it now a little bit. It could be [a distraction] if we allow it to be.”

On the talent and depth in the secondary:

“There are going to be a lot of them play at different positions. That’s a good thing. You have some depth.”