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The team behind the team: Blazin' Brigade, cheer, and Red Hots make the trip to Texas

Posted at 11:32 PM, Dec 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-17 23:32:45-05

MCKINNEY, TX (WTXL) — To be a part of a national championship program is special. For Valdosta State's Blazin' Brigade, cheer and Red Hots dance team, they almost didn't get to make the trip to McKinney, but thanks to Blazer Nation they're here and ready to represent in Saturday's national title game.

"They're a big part of our success, so that's going to be a lot of fun and hopefully it gives us a little big of a home atmosphere," said head coach Gary Goff.

"Every time we hear them, we always get fired up every time we hear them play," added running back Seth McGill.

It's music that was almost silenced when it came time to make the trip the McKinney.

"Definitely when I saw the goal of $75,000, I went oh Lord, that's going to take a bit to get!" laughed drum major Duncan Ratliff.

Get it? Got it. Thanks to strong supporters, enough money was raised to send the 100-plus member band, cheer, and the Red Hots dance team to the national title game.

"It just meant a lot that people wanted us to not only have just regular fans, but the spirit program and the band to come out and help support the Blazers," said Red Hots dance team member Carmen Rowser.

"When I saw the amount of support coming from Blazer Nation, and the amount of outpouring of love, it warms our hearts," added Ratliff.

Hearts that are as invested in this program, as the program is as invested in them.

"We always think that, okay, this is our time, but if we're there to support the Blazers, then we're there to support the Blazers," said Rowser.

"It's a big, big advantage that we're getting to travel pretty much everybody involved with our program," added Goff.

Saturday's national championship game begins at 9:00/ET.