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Thomas University excited to bring college football atmosphere to Thomasville

Posted at 7:15 PM, Jun 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-11 19:15:50-04

THOMASVILLE, GA. (WTXL) — Pick a city, a town or really any community in the state of Georgia and most would be willing to bet they all have one thing in common. Their love for the Friday night lights and college football on Saturdays. And that certainly holds true in Thomasville.

Football fans in the Rose City who pour their hearts into the game will soon have their own college football program right in their backyards. When the newly minted Thomas University football team takes the field officially in fall of 2023. And if you asked anyone in the Nighthawk program they would all agree that there’s no place they’d rather build a program from scratch than Thomasville.

“Anytime you play football in the state of Georgia, you’re playing some good football here,m" says head coach Orlando Mitjans. "And then on top of that you’re adding another college program to the state. And on top of that you’re adding military men to that.”

"In fact we’ve had several events that we've invited the community too. And it’s been a full house and a lot of support has followed," adds Vice President for military relations Stephen Ferguson.

The Nighthawks will host a camp in Jacksonville on July 16th and then hold their second Thomasville based-camp on July 22nd.