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Marvin's Movement putting words into action to teach valuable lessons

Marvin's Movement
Posted at 11:33 PM, Oct 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-25 23:33:38-04

TALLAHASSEE — Witnessing injustice all across the country Florida State’s Marvin Wilson decided to take action and make a difference in the Tallahassee community. A Houston native who faced many hardships himself growing up, wanted to be a role model for kids looking up to him. So he started Marvin’s Movement as a way to do exactly that. And earlier this afternoon he launched his first program, teaching one of the most valuable, yet under taught lessons that will provide long term education to the next generation.

“Can anybody tell me what financial literacy means?" says instructor Alexus Hill.

Put yourselves in the shoes of today’s youth. Would you feel comfortable answering that question? It’s a skill and a valuable life lesson that many have to learn outside of a classroom. Florida State’s Marvin Wilson wants to make sure that will change.

“Black people as a whole, I feel like we are so far behind when it comes to knowledge of knowing how to use your money," said Marvin Wilson, founder of Marvin's Movement. "To use a checkbook, having good credit, what is a credit score, different things like that, how to manage your money.”

Marvin’s Movement teamed up with Game Time Prep, a local organization led by Saint John Paul II head football coach and community activist Ed Hill.

“Marvin and his guys reached out to me and said hey we know you do a lot in the community and we really want to push this and give back to the community," said Ed Hill.

From there Ed and Marvin teamed up, putting their minds and resources together to launch a financial literacy program. Reflecting on what life was like for himself growing up, Marvin saw a golden opportunity to create change.

“My personal experience growing up coming through my life seeing my own struggle growing up and me going out and doing my own thing here in college making my own strides," Wilson says. "I just want to help kids make smarter decisions.”

“We’re bridging the gap between our kids that don’t understand what financial literacy is. And those kids that may think they know what financial literacy is but don’t understand what it means to bridge that gap," Hill adds.

Despite their busy schedules both Ed and Marvin are making change for the good of those less fortunate. The best part of it that this was just day one. The future of Marvin’s Movement has never looked brighter.

“We’re going to start branching out, going throughout the state of Florida and really hopefully through the entire U.S," adds Wilson. "That’s the biggest picture right now is we’re starting off in Tallahassee and just hope to make it grow.”

"This won’t be a one and done thing, we’re excited about what we’re building and what we’re putting out," Hill added.

If you would like to learn how you can get involved and lend a helping hand, then head over to the Marvin's Movement website.