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FINAL SCORE: Florida State defeated by Boise State 36-31

Posted at 11:44 AM, Aug 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-31 16:18:25-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The longest 280 days in Florida State football history are finally over.

After a cold, quiet offseason, Year 2 of the Willie Taggart era ends in a season opening loss.

In the first half, FSU's offense dominated and racked up an early lead. After halftime however, FSU was unable to maintain any significant drives, allowing Boise State's offense to penetrate the Seminole's defense.

Below is a score report from the game:

4:06 p.m.:

Boise State comes back to beat FSU 36-31.

4:02 p.m.:

Another holding call against FSU, but Boise declines and takes over on downs with 48 seconds to go.

4:01 p.m.:

Holding called on FSU on 4th down, now 4th and 14.

4:00 p.m.:

FSU on 4th and 4.

3:57 p.m.:

FSU trailing by 5 on its own 25 after punt return run by D.J. Matthews.

3:55 p.m.:

Carlos Becker almost gets fumble, but Boise recovers. Punts with less than 3:00 left.

3:53 p.m.:

Boise state finds first down on 3rd and 16 with easy throw.

3:52 p.m.:

False start penalty and tackle back Boise up into 2nd and 17.

3:49 p.m.:

FSU punts again after Blackman is sacked on the third down.

3:45 p.m.

Boise makes field goal to extend lead to 36-31 with 7:27 left to play.

3:41 p.m.

Boise calls timeout. Less than 8:00 left on the clock

3:40 p.m.:

Refs walk back Boise State touch down for pass interference. Boise moves back 15 yards for penalty

3:37 p.m.:

Boise State extends lead over FSU to 40-31 with a touchdown.

3:33 p.m.:

Boise past midfield into FSU territory.

3:29 p.m.:

FSU can't make any headway. Punts ball away.

3:21 p.m.:

Boise State takes their first lead of the game. FSU trails 33-31.

3:20 p.m.:

Boise fumbles in the red zone but manages to recover.

3:17 p.m.:

Boise makes successful runs to end up in the red zone.

3:14 p.m.:

FSU leads Boise State 31-26 at end of third quarter.

3:08 p.m.:

Boise again moves the ball across the 50.

3:07 p.m.:

FSU punts after missing two deep balls and allowing a sack.

3:03 p.m.:

Touchdown Boise State after throw. FSU still leads 31-26.

3:00 p.m.:

Boise down to FSU's 14.

2:59 p.m.:

Boise back on FSU's side.

2:58 p.m.:

Cam Akers fumbles after first down in play before. Boise recovers it.

2:56 p.m.:

FSU strips ball from Boise.

2:53 p.m.:

FSU punts again. Boise takes control at the 20.

2:48 p.m.:

Nine yard punt from Boise lets FSU take possession at their own 40.

2:46 p.m.:

Boise forced to punt with less than 8:00 on the clock after huge sack by Carlos Becker.

2:44 p.m.

Boise moves past midfield to FSU's 39.

2:36 p.m.:

Boise punts after FSU defense holds firm.

2:30 p.m.:

FSU challenges field ruling and gets first down. Seminoles turn around and punt first possession of the second half.

2:23 p.m.:

Second half underway.

2:02 p.m.:

After an illegal touchdown, Boise makes a field goal. FSU takes 31-19 lead into halftime.

1:48 p.m.:

Field goal for Boise lessens FSU's lead 31-16.

1:45 p.m.:

Boise marches down to FSU's 20.

1:36 p.m.:

Touchdown for FSU after Blackmon throws to Keyshawn Helton. FSU leads 31 -13.


Boise State touchdown with under 5:00 left in half. FSU - 26, Boise - 13

1:27 p.m.

Fumble by FSU, Boise scoops it up.

1:22 p.m.:

Big run for Cam Akers. Brady Scott helped off field.

1:19 p.m.:

Boise throws inteception. Picked by Isaiah Bolden.

1:13: p.m.:

FSU makes good on a field goal putting score at 24-6. 10:50 left before half.

1:10 p.m.:

50 yard pass to the 1 for FSU. Pushed back due to bad snap. 3rd down and goal.

1:09 p.m.:

First down Seminoles.

1:07 p.m.

Boise forced to punt. FSU starts on the 11.

1:02 p.m.:

Quarter ends with FSU leading Boise 21-6

12:55 p.m.:

Touchdown FSU! Leads Boise 21-6 with less than a minute left in quarter.

12:50 p.m.:

FSU throws down field, pass dropped by Terry.

12:46 p.m.:

Boise State makes field goal after FSU defense holds the line. FSU leads Boise 14-6. Less than 4:00 left in the quarter.

12:43 p.m.:

Boise moving the ball down.

12:41 p.m.:

Boise State with a big 35 yard throw.

12:40 p.m.

FSU nearly secures touchdown from what appeared to be a fumbled ball. Ruled incomplete pass. Game clock reset.

12:34 p.m.:

Touchdown FSU! FSU 14, Boise 3

12:31 p.m.:

Broncos make good on a field goal. FSU - 7, Boise State - 3

12:27 p.m.:

Two first downs on the ground for Boise State puts them farther down FSU territory.

12:22 p.m.:

Boise State gains another first down in FSU territory within the first five minutes of the game.

12:15 p.m.:

Following a fumble, takes the lead 7-0 after a running touchdown.

12:12 p.m.:

FUMBLE after two @BroncoSportsFB first down runs!

12:07 p.m.:

Seminoles kick off the ball to Broncos in the opening play. They catch it on the 25 yard line.