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Golf Surges Into Lead At Barbara Nicklaus Cup

Golf Surges Into Lead At Barbara Nicklaus Cup
Posted at 12:01 AM, Oct 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-05 00:01:24-04

DUBLIN, Ohio ( — DUBLIN, Ohio. ( – The combined Florida State men’s and women’s golf team defeated Auburn (7-1-0) and Ohio State (6-1-1) on Monday and will play for the championship of the Barbara Nicklaus Cup on Tuesday at the Muirfield Village Golf Club. With dominating victories over both the Tigers (Florida State earned seven team points) and the Buckeyes (Florida State earned 6.5 team points) the Seminoles enter their match against Arizona State with 13.5 team points. The Seminoles are ahead of Ohio State (7.5 team points), Arizona State (7.5 team points) and Auburn (3.5 team points) with one match to play on Tuesday against Arizona State.

The opponents for each of the four teams were pre-determined so that each team would face each of the three opponents over the two-day event. After facing Auburn and Ohio State on day one, the Seminoles will face Arizona State in their final match on Tuesday.

With a total of eight team points available in its match against Arizona State on Tuesday, Florida State (13.5 team points) will clinch the championship by garnering 2.5 points against the Sun Devils (7.5 team points). Ohio State (7.5 team points) faces Auburn (3.5 team points) in the second match on day 2.

“Everybody played really well together today,” said Head Coach Amy Bond. “We switched up the lineups, had everyone play with different teammates and in different situations today. They all played extremely well and had fun together.”

Florida State gained a 7-1 victory over Auburn in the first match of the day. The Seminoles were undefeated in singles play with Kayla Williams, Cecilie Finne-Ipsen, Dan Bradbury and Connor Futrell gaining wins. Florida State won three of the four mixed foursome matches including each of the first three matches to give the Seminoles a commanding lead in the match against the Tigers. Posting wins for Florida State were the duos of Ferderik Kjettrup and Charlotte Heath, Cole Anderson and Alice Hodge and Bret Roberts and Beatrice Wallin.

The Seminoles sprinted out to a 3-0 advantage and claimed each of the four singles matches to earn the commanding 7-1-0 victory.

Ohio State defeated Arizona State by a 6-1-1 in the second match of the day. The Sun Devils won the first mixed foursome match only to have the Buckeyes win five straight matches (three mixed foursomes and two singles) to take control of the match. The teams split the final two singles pairings of the match.

Florida State sprinted to another early lead and defeated Ohio State by a 6-2-0 margin in Monday’s afternoon round. The Seminoles’ mixed foursome tandem of Kjettrup and Finne-Ipsen won the first match against the Buckeyes by a 5&4 margin. Florida State’s Bradbury and Heath put the Seminoles up by a 2-0 margin with a 2&1 victory. That win was followed by a 1Up win by Roberts and Williams to give Florida State a strong 3-0 advantage.

Florida State won three of the four afternoon singles matches with victories by Hodge, Anderson and Johnson.

Arizona State defeated Auburn by a 4-1-3 margin in the afternoon’s second round. The Sun Devils won two of the four mixed foursome matches and two of the four singles matches with three matches finishing tied.

Florida State closes out play in the event as they face Arizona State beginning at 8:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday. Barbara Nicklaus is slated to be the starter on both the first and 10th holes on the final day of the event.

Inaugural Barbara Nicklaus Cup/Muirfield Village Golf Course
Dublin, Ohio/October 4-5, 2021
Florida State 7, Auburn 1
Frederik Kjettrup/Charlotte Heath (FSU) def. Ryan Eshleman/Anna Foster (Auburn), 3&1
Cole Anderson/Alice Hodge (FSU) def. Alex Vogelsong/Megan Schofill (Auburn), 2&1
Brett Roberts/Beatrice Wallin (FSU) def. J.M. Butler/Kaleigh Telfer (Auburn), 3&2
Austin Coggin/Mychael O’Barry (AU) def. Michael Skane/Elle Johnson (FSU), 2UP
Kaylah Williams (FSU) def. Julie McCarthy (Auburn), 3&2
Dan Bradbury (FSU) def. Brendan Valdes (Auburn), 4&2
Cecilie Finne-Ipsen (FSU) def. Brooke Sansom (Auburn), 5&3
Connor Futrell (FSU) def. C.J. Easley (Auburn), 2&1

Florida State 6, Ohio State 1 (one tie)
Brett Roberts/Kaylah Williams (FSU) def. Marco Steyn/Faith Choi (Ohio State), 1UP
Dan Bradbury/Charlotte Heath (FSU) def. Adam Wallin/Kalie Vongsaga (Ohio State), 2&1
Ferderik Kjettrup/Cecilie Finne-Ipsen (FSU) def. Jackson Chandler/Kristin Jamieson (Ohio State), 5&4
Connor Futrell/Beatrice Wallin (FSU) tied Jonerik Alford/Jillian Bourdage (Ohio State), Tied
Alice Hodge (FSU) def. Lauren Peter (Ohio State), 1UP
Cole Anderson (FSU) def. Patrick Schmueking (Ohio State), 3&2
Elle Johnson (FSU) def. Aneka Seumanutafa (Ohio State), 3&2
Maxwell Moldavan (Ohio State) def. Michael Skane (FSU), 2&1

Team Records Following Day 1
Florida State, 2-0 (13.5 team points)
Ohio State, 1-1 (7.5 team points)
Arizona State, 1-1 (7.5 team points)
Auburn, 0-2 (3.5 team points)