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Car parade caps off surprise birthday celebration for Bobby Bowden

Bobby Bowden
Posted at 11:47 PM, Nov 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-08 23:47:29-05

TALLAHASSEE — Despite Florida State's loss last night, today was by no means a bad day for Florida State football fans. That’s because former head coach Bobby Bowden, the man, the myth, the legend himself turned 91 today.

The coach celebrated the day with his wife Ann and his children.

But that wasn’t going to cut it for the hundreds of F-S-U fans who wanted to do something special for coach. So earlier this afternoon a car parade drove by his house to wish him a happy birthday and show their support for a man who’s been through quite a lot in the last few months

“You know you get my age and things begin to break down and you really just feel blessed that you are still here and able to function," said Bobby Bowden." I’ve been blessed, Ann has been blessed, our family has been blessed and we’re thankful.”

It was all smiles and good times as the Tallahassee community once again showed their love and support for the former coach. Solidifying his decision years ago to make Tallahassee his forever home.

“There’s no doubt about that. Ann and I when we first came to Tallahassee we said when we retire we’ll leave, we’ll go to Panama City or back to Birmingham. But after I retired we didn’t want to be but one place and that was right here," Bowden adds.

From all of us at ABC 27 coach, we hope you had a great birthday and wish you nothing but continued health.