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Florida State Head Coach Mike Norvell tests positive for COVID-19

Chris Thomsen will handle in-person coaching role
Posted at 2:04 PM, Sep 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-19 14:13:36-04

(Editor's Note: Florida State athletics release)


In our most recent round of Covid testing yesterday, I received a positive result after being negative in our previous two tests this week. My wife and daughter were tested this morning with negative results but are quarantining. My result was surprising to me, but we have prepared for a potential positive result among anyone in our program and we will put that plan in place while I am away. I will remain involved remotely as much as possible to help our team continue to prepare. Deputy head coach Chris Thomsen will handle in-person head coaching duties until I am able to return. I’m grateful to the administration, players and staff for their commitment to the protocols we have in place, which have helped us limit contact with others and allowed us to continue moving forward.

**Deputy head coach Chris Thomsen has 24 years of collegiate coaching experience. He was the head coach at Abilene Christian from 2005-11, leading the Wildcats to a 51-21 record and six straight trips to the Division II playoffs. Prior to his arrival, the Wildcats had never played in the Division II playoffs and had not won a conference championship since 1977. He was a four-time Lone Star Conference Coach of the Year and led ACU to Lone Star Conference championships in 2008 and 2010, winning 11 games both seasons. His full bio can be found here [].**


This is unfortunate, but luckily Coach is feeling fine. We are proceeding with our Covid protocols as we would with any other case. Coach is isolated, and university tracing staff is handling the contact tracing as they normally do. We will continue to test staff and student-athletes as we have been. We have communicated with Commissioner John Swofford and Miami Athletics Director Blake James. At this point, based on our testing this week, we have no reason to believe that the Miami game is in jeopardy.