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Florida State equipment team is vital for Seminoles success

Posted at 9:31 PM, Dec 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-28 23:41:22-05

ORLANDO, Fla. (WTXL) — The Florida State football team faces Oklahoma on Thursday in their first Bowl Game since 2019, and it is not just the FSU football team that makes the trip.

The Seminoles are in Orlando for four days, they're practicing, attending events, they have meetings, and those are all things that require equipment -- which has to be packed up and brought to Orlando, and we learned it's a process, and a necessary one for success.

"Our job is to make it as easy as it can be for the student athletes," said Florida State head equipment manager Jason Baisden. "They're there to focus on the game, represent the University and do a great job in that. Our job is to make sure they don't have any other distractions."

It's a behind the scenes job that many don't see.

"I've got 18 students that are giving up their Christmas break," said Baisden. "And they take just as much pride in it as I do."

But when it comes to gameday -- all eyes will be on them.

"It's no different from a regular road game for us," said Baisden. "Our job is to make sure they have everything they need when they get there."

Florida State's equipment staff -- makes it all happen. From uniforms to practice gear, to training tables -- it all makes the trip to Orlando for Florida State's Bowl Game, and someone's got to make sure it makes it down.

"Each department handles what they need," said Baisden. "I make sure it all gets there."

Three trucks worth, full of everything the Seminoles will need to guarantee their success.

"Office supplies, you have your video stuff, coaches' video, sports information, athletic training," said Baisden. "I won't say there's a list per say, it's more of thinking out the day-to-day needs."

Needs they've been calculating since becoming bowl eligible.

"First thing is getting the players bowl apparel." said Baisden. A destination a long time in the making.

"Guys are excited, our staff is excited, the whole department is excited," said Baisden. "It's good to be a Seminole right now."

And that's something, worth getting ready for.

Jason says they lay everything out -- even what the players will wear at team events, and taking it day-by-day makes it easier to remember what all they need.