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FAMU baseball team apart but in contact

Posted at 6:23 PM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 18:23:33-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fl. (WTXL) — Florida A&M baseball may not be competing or able to take the field for the rest of the semester, due to Coronavirus concerns, but they are keeping in contact with each other through email, Facetime, and other ways of communication.

Head coach Jamey Shouppe helped hand out food for Leon County students on Monday. He said he has kept in touch with his players and assistant coaches during this time of uncertainty.

While two of his players are still in the Tallahassee area, Shouppe explained that the rest of his team have gone back to their respective homes to wait out the issues surrounding Covid-19. "The plans are that they're not coming back through the end of the semester," explained Shouppe. "Just difficult for them. We encourage them to stay on top of things academically. We still don't know what the NCAA is going to do in terms of eligibility for these guys. So, it leaves these seniors in quite a limbo state. They don't really know what the future holds for them."

Shouppe know while it is hard to do, he is encouraging his players to remain positive.