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Deion Sanders hopes SWAC Conference football begins to pick up more recognition

Posted at 9:49 PM, Jul 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-21 21:49:20-04

JACKSON, Miss. (WTXL)  — Primetime always has a way of adding some flair to any given situation. As you saw, a reporter repeatedly called the former Florida State Seminole by his first name after being told not to. Feeling disrespected coach Sanders walked off camera as his time was already beginning to wrap up. So that was probably his last question, to begin with.

Now there’s no need to debate on whether media members should call him Deion or coach. Because Jackson State’s first opponent of the season, none other than Florida A&M in the Orange Blossom Classic.

The spotlight the Rattlers and Tigers will get in that contest is exactly what Sanders wants to help create more of in the Southwest Athletic Conference. He’s displeased with the amount of SWAC representation in the NFL. So his hope is that high-profile games like his matchup with FAMU will create more opportunities for players to get noticed at the next level.

“I see a plethora of kids that play this game at a high level. And in the last five years how can there only be 12 SWAC football players drafted," Sanders said. "That’s crazy. So what’s the problem. The problem is visibility. We gotta get the spotlight on these kids so that they're visible.”