Chiles' Skylar Coppinger - WTXL/TCC Scholar Athlete of the Week

Lincoln High's Grant Glennon - WTXL/TCC Scholar Athlete of the Week
Posted at 11:52 PM, Apr 05, 2017
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Beach volleyball isn't Chiles senior Skylar Coppinger's first love, but when it comes to making her a better indoor player - playing year round has it's perks.

"Sand has definitely made me a lot faster and a lot stronger in my legs and my abilities to jump," she said.

Skylar jumped out of the gym this season for the Timberwolves - 263 kills that will be missed next season.

"She's just an all-around athlete," said head coach Kaitlin DiLuzio. "She's a really great kid and she's a great teammate. She leads by example, but also to she's very personable. She's a go getter."

"Just the other day I was talking to my dad and we were talking about how just four years ago I was scared starting Chiles, starting a new chapter of my life," laughed Skylar. "It's almost over, I'm almost starting college."

Chiles may be over, but lots of volleyball still to be played for Skylar, as next season she'll suit up for Auburn at Montgomery - and while the Warhawks are looking for those big kills on the court, Skylar's also killing it in the classroom - she boasts a 4.28 GPA.

"Just last week, I had school and then sand practice and then club practice and then I went home and did all my homework," Skylar said of her tough schedule. "I have some pretty late night sometimes and then with tournaments and stuff overlapping into the school days, it's pretty tough!"

"Her teachers stop me in the hallway every chance they get to tell me what a great student she is as well," said coach DiLuzio. "They can't believe the grades that she makes being so involved with everything on campus."

"I'm just really excited to move forward and go to college and make new memories there," said Skylar.

Make new memories, to make AUM remember her as much as Chiles will.