Cheer Nation Athletics Heads Back To Summit, Ready To Repeat

Cheer Nation Athletics Heads Back To Summit, Ready To Repeat
Posted at 12:27 AM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 00:27:00-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fl. (WTXL) - Last season, Cheer Nation Athletics in Tallahassee sent three squads to Summit, which is considered by many the Olympics of cheerleading.

One of Cheer Nation's squads won it all last year. This year, four teams from the gym are headed to Orlando for Summit, and they are well aware this year, they are the team to beat.

"They're looking at us," said Xyaire Williams, who cheers for Apex, one of the teams going. "They've seen us at competitions. We've been growing and getting titles, so they've been looking at us."

"There's always those teams that are like hey, that's Cheer Nation," noted Madison Barfield, who is on two teams competing this weekend. "They watch us at warm-ups. Our coaches are always like, put on a show, no matter what."

All four teams going - Tally Coed, Senior Crush, Apex, and Lady Lime - ready to put on a big show this weekend. All four know what's at stake, and they're ready to bring it home.

"We really want to bring another Championship back to the gym so we can add it to a list of our accomplishments," said Ayana Franklin.

Precious McDonale, who cheers for Tally Coed, agrees. "Everybody is excited about us going. I'm just really happy we get this opportunity to go."

It's an opportunity CNA isn't overlooking. The gym opened in 2013 - this level of success, it's unheard of, but this group insists, there's no pressure.

"Last year, it was our first year. We were an underdog," remembered Reid Kirkland, who cheered on the team that won Summit last year. "This year, we're a lot more seasoned for it, especially as a program. I think this year, it's a lot more confident and comfortable."

"I'm really excited. Probably a lot more excited than last year!" laughed Grace Moore, who cheers for Tally Coed and Senior Crush. "I'm very confident this year. We'll kind of know what we're doing a little more than we did last year because we've been, but yeah, I'm really excited."

All four squads competing this weekend are "At Large" bids, meaning they won an event to qualify for Summit. All four will compete Saturday for the first time. To reach Sunday's finals, they have to place in the Top Ten.