Aucilla Christian's Camryn Grant - WTXL Scholar Athlete of the Week

Scholar Athlete Photo
Posted at 12:01 AM, Jan 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 06:18:57-05

MONTICELLO, FL. (WTXL) When you get a taste of success, it only leaves you wanting more. For Camryn Grant and the Aucilla Christian Lady Warriors - the hunger is there. Now, they just have to get after it.

"I'm hoping we'll be able to make it back to State again and do really well there," said Grant. "We won't be as nervous as we were last year, so hopefully we'll do well."

They're off to a good start, and Grant's leading the way. A four year varsity veteran, the senior's doing whatever she can do to help this team succeed.

"Nobody likes it when you try to tell people what to do," she laughed. "You try to do it through your actions and hope people see what you do and try to follow you through that."

"I think she took that role on expecting to be an example in the classroom, an example on the basketball court, and example in weight room times," said Aucilla Christian's head girls basketball coach Daryl Adams. "She always lets others know what he priorities are and they are willing to follow that."

A good example to follow. Grant's got a perfect 4.0 GPA, and her work ethic on and off the court earned her a scholarship to play at Lee University.

"Whatever she sets her mind to, she gives 100%," added Adams. "She's got that intuition."

"That's how you're going to get into college and that's how you life the rest of your life," said Grant. "Athletics aren't forever. If you have your same work ethic, you just get into a routine and you know what to do."

A routine of making it back to Lakeland? That'd be a routine everyone could get accustumed to.

"We have a lot of fun when we're around each other and that's what it really comes down to being able to play well together," she said. "It's not about how much talent each person has but how well you play together as a team."

Playing well, and hoping to make a little more history this season.