Teachers find safe employment with Georgia Virtual Schools amid pandemic

Posted at 6:07 PM, Jul 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-23 18:07:12-04

GEORGIA (WTXL) — As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, a virtual school is offering Georgia teachers employment opportunities and a chance to Rebound.

The pandemic forced many Georgia teachers to learn how to educate students in a whole new way online.

Something Georgia Virtual School has been doing for 15 years.

"Our purpose is to provide and assist schools in whatever their needs may be as it relates to virtual learning," said Keith Osburn, the associate superintendent of Georgia Virtual School.

After Georgia public schools shut down due to COVID-19, they did just that.

"We would take on those children and provide either the remainder of that year's worth of learning, or we provided a semester in the summertime too when a multitude of children came to us," Osburn said.

Georgia Virtual School offers over 130 different courses for grades six through 12. Normally hundreds of students take those courses during the school year but since the pandemic, Osburn says there has been a massive increase in student enrollment.

"Several months ago we began to realize that Fall enrollment, and even Spring enrollment for 2021, that those numbers were already increasing over what we projected our normal growth would be," said Osburn.

More students means more teachers. The school currently has job openings for over 100 new teachers.

"I have lots of friends who are worrying about masks, face shields, and all that kind of stuff and I am just so thankful that l that I have this position," said Emily Kroutil, MS, a science teacher at Georgia Virtual School. "I don't have to worry about bringing the virus home to my family or my students infecting me. You know, we can interact with each other safely."

Demand for teachers in the virtual classroom born out of the pandemic and turned into an opportunity for Georgia teachers who want to keep teaching, educating students, and rebounding safely.

Georgia Virtual School says they may add even more teaching positions as the new school year begins.

To apply, just go to their website by clicking here, or visit The Georgia Department of Education's website by clicking here.