Couple converts food truck to feed community

The truck feeds unhoused in Tallahassee
Posted at 8:13 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 20:15:19-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — A Tallahassee couple has found a new sense of purpose brought on by the pandemic.

They’re working to meet the growing need for food in the Big Bend by converting their food truck to a mobile kitchen.

Dozens of people show up at City Walk Urban Mission in Tallahassee seeking shelter and a hot meal every night. Scott Brakefield is one of them.

“I was homeless, and I heard they were letting homeless people stay here,” Brakefield said. “I’m very grateful to them. I know everyone else is grateful to them too.”

He said he is lucky to have people like Renee Miller, the executive director at City Walk. She works every day to help get hundreds of unhoused people in the Big Bend back on their feet.

“I’m talking about people living in a place unmeant for human habitation,” Miller said.

She said the last count for that population was about 780. As the pandemic continues, that need is growing.

That’s where Erick and Pam Moody come in.

“We do a hundred meals a day,” said Erick Moody. “God put it in our heart to close the truck and feed people.”

He’s talking about the food truck he named for his mother, Mae’s Mobile Kitchen.

“My mom brought us up to serve,” Pam Moody said. “I watched my mom take care of other people.”

He and his wife decided to transform their food truck business into a nonprofit that carries on his mother’s mission.

“It’s about helping in the community to feed people who are unhoused and need food,” said Erick Moody.

They make a hundred meals a day for those who may otherwise go hungry. Since the start of the pandemic, they’ve served more than 5,000 meals.

The couple is a partner in service Miller said she’s glad to have.

“What Eric and Pam are doing with us at City Walk is truly saving lives,” Miller said.

“Besides the shelter, the food is the most important thing,” said Brakefield.

Food is served twice a day at City Walk. They have breakfast at 6 a.m. and dinner at 6 p.m. All are welcome.

For more information about City Walk, click here.