World Happiness Report 2021 says mental health issues increased by almost 50% due to the pandemic

Posted at 9:53 AM, Dec 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-10 10:52:40-05

The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our ability to be happy.

According to the 'World Happiness Report 2021,' the millions of COVID deaths has created economic insecurity, anxiety, disruption of every aspect of life, and tremendous stress and challenges to our mental and physical health.

So a life coach shares what we can all do to increase our happiness.

"We've been bombarded with so much information and so much fear. And that naturally is going to make a person's system to decline in health, mental health especially," explains Transformational Life and Business Coach Michelle Boulé.

She says this pandemic has hit the world hard.

According to the World Happiness Report 2021, by May of 2020, mental health issues increased by 47%.

So Boulé says we all need to learn how to take care of our mental well-being and analyze our day-to-day life.

"Who are you spending your time with? What kind of information are you seeking out? If you are watching the news, make sure you balance it with time where you're connecting with people, who lighten your spirit. You're reading information that lifts you up," Boulé explained.

And she says we need to look at our inner thoughts and how we talk to ourselves.

"Every single day, what thought is going through your head? Can you flip that instantly to send your life in a different direction?" she asks.

Boulé explains that when you feel like a victim, you give away your power.

So despite the pandemic challenge, you need to reframe what's happening and choose to be empowered instead.

"What is the opportunity here? Because any person who rises into greatness, even if that's being a happy member of your family, or a contributing member in the workplace, they know that the challenge is what helps them grow. And that pressure actually allows them to become the next best version of themselves," she said.

But she says it takes consistency, a belief in the vision, reaching out to others and the transformation will happen.

"Happiness is a skill. It is a practice. It doesn't pop out of nowhere. So I would just encourage people to be really honest. Are you taking action every single day to work on that? Because if you do, it will come right back to you," she said.

Boulé also recommends getting involved in your community or participating in any group because that can help strengthen your own well-being.

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