Persian Rug Directions

Posted at 12:20 PM, May 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-20 08:23:13-04

Persian Rug Directions 

 - from The LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts


* Twine (neon)

* Rope (various sizes and colors)

* Pompoms

* Cardboard

* Scissors

* Black marker 


1. We will discuss the Persian culture and history of

the Persian rug.

2. I will explain to them how to create the Persian rug and show the rug I created along with other pictures of Persian rugs found online.

3. The students will choose different colors of rope they would like to make their rugs out of.

4. They will cut a large circle out of cardboard. Then they will draw lines to make 4 sections, draw lines to make 8 sections, draw lines to make 16 sections and finally draw lines to make 32 sections. The students should have 32 lines on their circle and the lines must all meet in the center of the circle.

5. Cut 1” slits along the edge of the circle on all of the lines.

a) Wedge twine into a slit

b) Cross to other side of circle, splitting circle in half, wedge twine into this slit.

c) Bring twine around back of circle, cross to opposite side of circle. Wedge twine into slit to right of original slit A.

d) Bring twine across front of circle, cross to opposite side of circle, wedge twine into slit to left of slit B. 

6. Continue wedging twine into alternating left and right slits, keeping circle split in half each time. Twine should meet in the center perfectly. The back can be messy, tie knot in twine to finish.

7. Tie rope 1 to twine in center of circle. Weave rope around twine, alternating going over and under each twine, cover knot with rope as you weave!

8. Continue weaving over and under, pulling rope tight making sure there are no spaces in between them! The neon yellow twine should show up every other row, this is how you know you’re doing it right.

9. After student is done with the first color, tie the ends of rope 1 and next color (rope 2) together and continue weaving under and over.

10. When finished weaving, tie end of rope to a near by rope to prevent unraveling! Turn the circle over to the back and cut off 2” of twine from the edge of the circle. Remove twine from slits on cardboard and take off swirl. Tie two pieces of twine next to each other all around the swirl to prevent unraveling.