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We're Open, Tallahassee: Quarter Moon Imports sells masks to benefit Refuge House

Posted at 6:38 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 18:38:08-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — With the economic uncertainties from the coronavirus, we here at ABC 27 are shining a light on businesses that are doing their part to help out the community while keeping their business open.

One local business owner is getting creative with inventory while helping the community and a domestic violence shelter at the same time.

Quarter Moon Imports in the Cottages at Lake Ella has been around for 30 years. Katelin Haggerty bought it last year, and recently, with the stay-at-home orders, she's adapted her website for online sales.

One of those items is handmade face masks. It began as a mission to make face masks for a friend.

"He was working as an electrician in a hospital in Panama City Beach," said Haggerty, owner of Quarter Moon Imports. "And they didn't have enough face masks for his crew to be wearing them."

Haggerty soon realized the need was even greater. So she began making and selling masks online, with $5 from each one sold going to Refuge House.

"I was seeing a lot of scary statistics about the increase in domestic violence with the stay at home orders and self quarantining," Haggerty said. "So I wanted to make a difference and do something."

Refuge House executive director Meg Baldwin, says donations and efforts like this are maybe more important now than ever.

"We know that victims are experiencing increasing levels of domestic violence," said Baldwin. "But we want to assure everyone, that we are here. It's so encouraging when people in our community, our business women, reach out and provide additional support and needed support for Refuge House."

Haggerty then had another idea to help local businesses sell their gift cards online from one site. She enlisted help from a friend with an IT background.

"When the pandemic started shutting businesses down," said Kyle Mahoney, owner of Outsource Technology Solutions. "Recognized there was an absolute need and had to get this launched as soon as possible. We partnered on the concept of the site and launched it within a few days."

So far, over 50 businesses have joined TallyConnected.com. One of them is Riccardo's Restaurant.

"Like everyone else, we're scrounging around," said John Acevedo, Riccardo's Restaurant owner. "We don't have the ability yet to sell online gift cards. And when Katie and Kyle approached us with it, we jumped on it right away."

Two creative ideas from a very crafty business owner to help the community one face mask or gift card at a time.

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