We're Open, Tallahassee: Flourish of Thomasville caters to patrons with cancer, immunodeficiency

Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 19:15:49-04

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WTXL) — With the economic uncertainties from the coronavirus, we here at ABC 27 are shining a light on businesses that are doing their part to help out the community while keeping their business open.

Wednesday's "We're Open" story, highlights a local, small business that's a a little different than most.

Flourish of Thomasville is open and offering true retail therapy for cancer patients, those with weakened immune systems, and anyone who needs a little encouragement right now.

"We are used to people with weakened immune systems, so the curbside service and delivery, we've always done that," said Missy Taylor, one of the shop owners.

In a time where many businesses are adapting to the health needs of the community, one small business in Thomasville was built for it.

"This is kind of our wheelhouse," Taylor said.

"We've worked for five years to get to where we are today," said Geriann Kennedy, co-owner and cancer survivor.

Flourish of Thomasville began as a friendly, neighborhood store for people undergoing cancer and other treatments, offering items like skincare treatments, wigs, and post-surgical garments.

"To be able to sit down and talk to them and listen to their story," said Kennedy, "and for me to be able to talk to them about my story, as survivors, you feel like family."

Their business has expanded to offer other practical, non-toxic, affordable items to better everyone's lives.

Flourish plans to keep their "essential business" open as long as they can.

"This part was hard for me, because this is very personal," Kennedy said. "The thought of not being able to be there for people is the hardest part. Just to be able to connect with someone and say, 'you are doing okay, so I can do okay,' is a big deal."

Flourish of Thomasville is offering "sunshine boxes," you can send to anyone to brighten their day. You can access their Facebook page here.

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