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We're Open, Tallahassee: Canopy Road Cafe supplies lunches to hospitals, COVID-19 testing sites

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-28 18:45:08-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — With the economic uncertainties from the coronavirus, we here at ABC 27 are shining a light on businesses that are doing their part to help out the community while keeping their business open.

"We're Open" is highlighting a local cafe that is open and adapting amid the coronavirus pandemic to keep customers and staff safe.

Canopy Road Cafe on North Monroe Street was founded by two men in Tallahassee 11 years ago and now has four locations in town.

If you've been to Canopy Road Cafe lately, then you've noticed changes including individual servings of condiments, hand sanitizers throughout the restaurant, and tables spaced farther apart.

All employees are required to wear masks and gloves, and undergo daily temperature checks.

"No more ketchup bottles on the tables, they are all now single-serve catsups," said Mary Lazarakis, the district manager for Canopy Road Cafe. "Salt and pepper went to packets instead of shakers that were handled by multiple people. Syrup containers used to be in jugs that we used to hand to multiple people, but now we pre-portion them."

They've incorporated a new online ordering system and carryout orders have shifted to curbside.

New sanitation protocols are also in place, including the use of ULV foggers.

Despite the financial burdens of COVID-19, the owners have given back as part of a restaurant group that supported medical workers.

"Brought in lunches to the hospitals as well as to the COVID testing sites," said Lazarakis. "Kind of help out the medical professionals. When we really need them to be at their best for us, we wanted to be at our best for them."

While they do offer dine-in, Canopy Road Cafe is also offering curbside pickup for call ahead and online to-go orders so customers don't have to go inside.

They are open for breakfast and lunch daily at their original North Monroe location, a second on Capital Circle Northeast, a third at Apalachee Parkway and Blairstone, and a fourth in Southwood.

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