6 holiday travel hacks to save your sanity

6 holiday travel hacks to save your sanity
Posted at 7:01 AM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2019-02-12 21:45:15-05

(BPT) - Follow these tips to save time, money and your sanity this holiday season.

1. Avoid busy travel days

If you’re willing to be flexible, there are a few ways to avoid the madness of popular holiday travel days. If your plans permit, take a red-eye, which is the last flight out each night. Red-eye flights are typically cheaper and less crowded. Traveling on the actual day of the holiday can also help you avoid airport congestion.

2. Clear your browser history, cookies and cache before searching flights

Are you waiting for flight prices to drop and they just won’t budge? Make sure to clear your browser history, cookies and cache before searching. Airlines and travel websites can track how many times you've visited their website and change their prices accordingly. Make sure you're starting fresh every time you browse to get the best prices.

3. Join loyalty and rewards programs to save money

There are so many loyalty and rewards programs to help save you money while traveling. Most airlines have a free rewards program where you can earn miles toward free flights. For example, with Delta SkyMiles, every trip can earn you more miles toward travel on any Delta Air Lines flight. And SkyMiles members can link their SkyMiles and Lyft accounts via to earn even more miles with the Delta SkyMiles program. You can earn one mile per every dollar spent on Lyft rides.

4. Travel light

If you plan on giving out holiday gifts at your destination, it’s best to mail them before you fly. Not only will that save you packing room, but airport security can open gifts in checked and carry-on luggage, ruining your hard work. Mail your gifts by Dec. 1 to make sure they arrive on time. If you must bring gifts with you, pack the wrapping paper and presents separately to avoid security snafus.

5. Screen shot and save your travel details

You never know where cell service or WiFi won’t be available, especially on an airplane. Be sure to screen shot or make copies of your travel details before you leave. It’s smart to have your boarding pass, hotel details and other travel information ready at any moment.

6. Check in online

If you don’t have luggage to check, save a step at the airport by checking in online before you arrive. Most airlines will send you an email when it’s time to check into your flight. For an even faster experience, download your airline’s app and your boarding pass will automatically sync to your phone. You’ll skip the check-in line and spend less time waiting at the airport.

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