Holiday Tips for Houseguests and Hosts This Season

Posted at 1:00 AM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-15 01:00:00-05

(StatePoint) Planning for the holiday season? Whether you’re a guest or a host, there are easy ways to ensure that everyone enjoys their time with family and friends. Check out these tips for a joyful holiday season:

A Helping Hand

Holiday hosts are often bogged down by tasks and chores. Make yourself useful. Keep areas you are using clean and offer to help around the house.

If you’re the host, don’t be shy about delegating simple tasks to your guests. Most guests will appreciate the opportunity to make their stay less stressful on you.

Comfort is Key

When extended family or friends get together for the holidays, ensure everyone has a comfortable place to sleep. A must-have for both travelers and hosts is a high-quality air mattress that’s compact and easy to inflate, and these days, some brands have elevated their offerings to luxury standards, helping to create a more comfortable night’s rest.

For example, Intex offers a range of comfortable airbeds with impressive features, such as a headboard, raised bed height (up to 24 inches), built-in USB chargers, a plush dual air pillowtop system, various sizes and supports to choose from and more. Their airbeds provide enough comfort and luxury that guests may even consider extending their stay.

Worried about the time and energy of set-up? With internal electric air pumps, these high-quality, durable airbeds take just minutes to inflate and deflate, saving families both time and energy. That means more time spent enjoying each other’s company and making memories. And they’re super easy to stock up on, available online or in-store at most major big box retailers.

Snack Time

Beyond the main holiday meal, there are breakfasts, snacks and other meals to consider. Guests and hosts should work together on this one to ensure that there are foods and beverages on hand that meet everyone’s dietary needs and restrictions. Hosts should ask their guests in advance if there are any allergies, sensitivities or particular foods to avoid. Children can be particular about food, so knowing if there are any favorites to stock the fridge and pantry with can also be helpful. As a guest, consider packing your own snacks to take with you. You can also help your hosts by letting them know of any issues in advance: from peanut allergies to medical restrictions.

Whether you are traveling or staying put, with a bit of preparation you can make sure everyone feels comfortable, so that you can focus on what the holidays are all about -- making great memories together.