Tips to protect your 'tail'gate

Tips to protect your 'tail'gate
Posted at 4:34 PM, Nov 07, 2018
and last updated 2019-02-12 21:43:19-05

(BPT) - Ready … set … hike! Football season is one of the most exciting times of the year — from tailgates in the parking lot to cheering on your team in the stands to watching at home with friends and family, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the game.

However, a great game day experience can easily be derailed when you’re not prepared for potential discomforts or inconveniences that may accompany the merriment. Some pregame planning goes a long way in guaranteeing a good time, whether you’re grilling in the parking lot or kicking back in the stands. No one wants to be sacked or thrown for a loss by unnecessary backside discomfort and nobody wants to be sidelined on game day.

With these tips, you can keep the good times rolling and the only worry you’ll have is whether your team will score.

Keep it simple, but prepare for the worst

Making sure to wear your team’s colors and packing the cooler to the brim seem obvious, but there are plenty of other tailgating items that can come in handy. Bring water and remember to drink it, sturdy trash bags and paper towels will make for an easy clean up and having a first aid kit is crucial too. You never know when you’ll need sunscreen or bandages. In some areas of the country, fall weather can be fickle, so be sure to bring a poncho, hoodie and scarf so you’re prepared for any sudden temperature or weather changes.

Stay comfortable

Standing and sitting for long periods of time at tailgates and football games when dealing with backside discomforts is bothersome. Achieve quick relief from backside discomfort with Preparation H Totables Irritation Relief Wipes so you don’t miss crucial plays during the game. They deliver relief on-the-go in a discreet, convenient travel pack — so you can easily treat symptoms away from home.

Eat in moderation

With the abundance of available food and hospitality among fans at a tailgate, overeating can easily happen. Fried food and spicy dips can cause your stomach to rumble more than the stadium will when your team makes a good play. Enjoy yourself in moderation by remembering that you don’t need to eat and drink everything in sight.

BYO … cushion

For most live sporting events, you will be cheering from either bleachers or stadium seats, spending extended periods of time on hard metal or unforgiving plastic. However, no one wants “bleacher back” or “stadium seat soreness.” Bring your own seat cushion to make the experience much more comfortable, even if your team is down.

With these tips in mind you’ll be on top of your game and ready to enjoy football season to the fullest. For more information on bum issues and hemorrhoid relief, visit