What To Get The Gamers On Your List

What To Get The Gamers On Your List
Posted at 6:44 AM, Dec 19, 2018
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(NAPSI)—You can give the gamers in your life the freedom to explore and play a curated catalog of over 100 great games across a variety of genres, all for one low monthly price. That’s because right now, new members can sign up for Xbox Game Pass and get the first month for only $1.

Here’s what gamers get:

1. Access to great games—Why give one game when you can give so many? Especially if you have no clue which game the gamers in your life are after. That’s where the Xbox Game Pass membership can come in. Your gamers will get to choose from over 100 great titles they can access at any time. Once they beat one game, they have plenty more available to immediately download, right at their fingertips. It’s the gift that keeps giving.

2. Exclusive titles from Microsoft Studios are available with Xbox Game Pass the same day they launch—That means many of the hottest, most anticipated games of the holiday season, including the new open-world racing game and highest-rated Xbox exclusive of this generation “Forza Horizon 4” are automatically available to download when they are released worldwide—at no extra cost. You can explore beautiful scenery and dynamic seasons of Great Britain in “Forza Horizon 4,” set sail into the unknown and live your best pirate life in “Sea of Thieves” and battle the zombie apocalypse in “State of Decay 2.”

3. Must-have new games are added all the time—Every month, new titles are added to the Xbox Game Pass library. With an ever-changing catalog, your gamer will always have a new world to explore-whether that is the latest battle royale match to win a chicken dinner in “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” or scoring goals in the soccer-racing hybrid “Rocket League.” With this gift, you can make sure your gamer’s catalog never gets stale.

4. Something for everyone—Members have access to diverse categories of games across a variety of genres. There’s a wide selection of family-friendly titles, including “Super Lucky’s Tale,” as well as epic experiences battling overwhelming odds to save humanity in “Halo: The Master Chief Collection.”

5. One of the best deals in gaming—An awesome gift at an incredibly affordable price. A membership is less than $10 a month—and it gives your gamer access to every title in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, as well as additional content and discounts on featured games. You can also digitally gift the membership online via the Microsoft Store—your loved ones will see your present right in their inbox.

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