Gear Up for the New Dinner Party: With Bring-&-Share Menus and Something for Everybody

Gear Up for the New Dinner Party: With Bring-&-Share Menus and Something for Everybody
Posted at 10:32 AM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2019-02-06 21:36:46-05

(BPT) - Whatever happened to the formal dinner party? Between busy work schedules and the complexity of navigating food preferences and allergies, they can be hard to pull off — yet we still long for the pleasures of breaking bread (or an acceptable gluten-free substitute) with family and friends. Enter a growing trend: easy bring-&-share meals.

Keep it casual by hosting an informal gathering where each person brings a favorite dish, or any special food they require. These innovative kitchen tools can make it easy to make your contribution to the meal.

Create a fresh salad and more with Peugeot Paris Bistro Cutlery, which benefits from recent innovations in steel quality, quenching, grinding and sharpening. Made in France, these have premium steel blades that offer unprecedented corrosion resistance and hardness for fast, easy sharpening.

Bring out the flavor of meat, poultry or fish with the Frieling by Caso Sous Vide Stick, a completely waterproof sous vide cooking appliance. It attaches securely to any stock pot and most containers, and it features a touch screen that makes sous vide cooking easy and reliable.

Ensure food safety and best culinary results with the CDN ProAccurate Rotating Thermocouple Thermometer. Quick and precise, this NSF-certified thermometer features a 1.5mm thin tip, large digital readout and 2- to 5-second response. Using gyroscope technology, the backlit display automatically rotates 180º to orient for a comfortable read.

Enjoy superior speed cooking with a Fissler vitavit Pressure Cooker, an upgraded stovetop model with a visual pressure indicator, adjustable cooking levels and more. Advantages over countertop pressure cookers include superior searing and a significantly higher pressure level for faster cooking and better preservation of natural flavors, textures and nutrients.

For soups, stews, braised meats, casseroles and more, the Tramontina Enameled Round Cast Iron Dutch Oven goes from the oven or stovetop to the table. Available in multiple colors, this stunning cast iron pot heats evenly, with excellent heat retention, and features self-basting condensation ridges inside the lid. It performs on any stovetop, and is oven-safe up to 400º F.

Be your own barista with the new JURA E8 automatic coffee machine, which takes brewing to a new level of perfection — freshly ground, not capsuled. The One-Touch Cappuccino function creates specialty coffees, from cappuccino and latte macchiato to trendy flat white, all at the touch of a button on the modern TFT color display.