New STEAM Books to Inspire Learning and Creativity

Posted at 1:00 AM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-08 22:00:57-05

(StatePoint) Keep the excitement of the new school year going by finding fun ways to encourage learning at home. 

Consider introducing interactive and engaging books into your household that make STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) more accessible.

Whether your children are reluctant readers or learning enthusiasts, these books will entertain budding scientists and inspire kids to make things and be creative.

Backyard Laboratory

Go on a journey of discovery in your backyard with “Maker Lab: Outdoors,” which offers 25 science projects and experiments that can be done outside, helping kids develop science skills through hands-on learning.

Projects focus on Earth and the environment, plants, animals, weather, water and physics. Young scientists can build a wormery and learn about compost, crack rocks with water and learn about freezing and thawing, build and launch a water rocket to see Newton’s laws in action, and more. Photography and succinct step-by-step instructions make this a must-have for every young maker curious about his or her surroundings.

Science Fiction Meets Fact

Ever wanted to move things without touching them, like a Jedi? Or grow a kyber crystal? Now that’s possible with “Star Wars Maker Lab,” a book which teaches aspiring Padawans how to become science masters through 20 projects -- from making Jabba’s gooey slime to making a glowing Gungan Globe of Peace. Fact-filled panels explain real-world scientific principles as well as the “Star Wars” science fiction from the movies.

Robot History

From automata created by Leonardo Da Vinci to modern-day androids and animal robots, “Robot” covers artificial intelligence (AI) throughout history. Discover cutting edge robotics, where science, technology and mechanical engineering meet. Through bright graphics and stunning photography, learn how robots work, how they’re made, and how they help and sometimes hinder society. A thematic approach covers a range of subjects, including the most iconic robots in popular culture and robots in the workforce, as well as the future of robotics.

For Younger Makers

Young readers will love getting in on the fun with “Junior Maker,” a cool supplement to classroom learning that encourages hands-on interactivity and play. With clear step-by-step instructions and photos, young children learn about nature, history, wildlife and space through activities, crafts and experiments. Projects include watching a homemade volcano erupt, building a storm in a jar and taking a trip back in time to see how the Roman legionaries conquered their enemies.

Real-World Inspiration

“How to Be an Engineer,” offers clearly explained engineering concepts, and fun, simple projects, to give kids ages 7-9 the chance to put their STEAM knowledge to the test. Build a robot arm out of rulers; learn about jet propulsion with balloons; crush toilet-paper rolls to explore materials; and more. Read about how engineers use STEAM subjects and their imaginations to think critically and solve problems. Get inspired by engineering heroes such as Nikola Tesla, Mae Jemison, and Elon Musk.

To make STEAM learning fun and fascinating, stock up on books that spark kids’ creativity.



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