WTXL Road Trip: Touring the eclectic venues of Thomasville

WTXL Road Trip: Touring the eclectic venues of Thomasville
WTXL Road Trip: Touring the eclectic venues of Thomasville
Posted at 5:16 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 06:34:19-04

THOMAS COUNTY, Ga. (WTXL) - The WTXL Road Trip is in Thomas County and at the very heart of Thomas County is the Rose City.

We're taking you off the beaten path in Thomas County for this road trip, riding a horse and carriage. Our first stop is the Pebble Hill Plantation.

Time stands still here at Pebble Hill. It's an early 20th century shooting plantation located off of highway 319 in Thomasville.

Whitney White, the museum's director says that they're, "trying to preserve the authentic nature of the property."

To this day, visitors can take in the breath-taking scenery including the main house luscious gardens and something a little unexpected, Noah's Ark.

"Pebble Hills last owner, her desire was that Pebble Hill be open to the public and help to educate people on what plantations in our region are like at this point," White explained.

While the relics here at the Pebble Hill Plantation have gone untouched for more than a century, the same can't be said for another stop.

Topping at 12 miles per hour, WTXL glided to a big green building only a block away from downtown Thomasville, Relics Antiques on Madison Street.

Inside are the creations of a self-professed "junkster", Melissa Rigsby.

Rigsby explained that she collects, "Things that people discard. Throw on the side of the road. Take to the dump."

We've all heard the saying: one man's trash is another man's treasure. Well, Rigsby takes it to a whole new level, making things like chicken feeders into lights.

This is all 26 years worth of salvaging, drilling holes, and polishing. Rigsby says she just can't help herself but reinvent the wheel -- literally.

During a conversation next to a conversation piece, Melissa says she's not sure if she quite fits in to the fabric of Thomasville. But she's sure about one thing, Thomasville isn't a place for big box stores.

"You can have a unique piece and it means something. Because they all have a story," Rigsby asserted. "Have an open mind."

Relic's can be found on Madison Street, one block away from downtown's main street.

As for the historic Thomasville Segway Tour, Tallahassee Segways holds them the second Saturday of each month.