WTXL Road Trip: One-armed Thomasville boy participates in Wounded Warrior Association softball camp

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Posted at 4:41 PM, Jul 12, 2014
and last updated 2015-04-15 07:18:17-04

THOMASVILLE (WTXL) - Last month a group of 20 lucky kids headed to Louisville, Kentucky to participate in the wounded warrior amputee softball camp. Amongst them: an amazing 8 year old boy from right here in Thomasville.

Though Steven Kazemekas was born without part of his left arm, even he was in awe of how the amputee veterans went about their day-to-day lives. "Its amazing how they can do it with no limbs’’, said Steven.

Steven's dad Chris thinks that the respect went both ways. "I think the kids were a big inspiration on the veterans as much as they were for the kids’’, said Chris.

Chris is a single dad that has four kids including Steven, but he made time to go to Louisville and cheer on his youngest son. "They were like one big family ... There was no one asking them crazy questions: why ain't you got a leg? Why don't you have an arm?" said Chris.

Steven is back from camp now and there's a big difference between Louisville weather and Thomasville weather so on hot summer days, sometimes he has to beat the heat and he's a big fan of swimming, as well as basketball and football. He didn't even know how to play softball a month before attending the camp. However, Steven says that didn't slow him down. "Everything comes natural to me’’, says Steven.

At the end of the camp--some of Steven’s favorite vets wrote messages to him on a Louisville slugger. "Steven, you're a great ball player, keep it up. Lay off the candy’’, laughed Steven, as he read the words off the bat.

He’s already thinking on applying to go again next year as a bat boy--but says he'll leave the candy behind this time.