Woman breastfeeding in Thomasville dentist office causes confusion

Woman breastfeeding in Thomasville dentist office causes confusion
Woman breastfeeding in Thomasville dentist office causes confusion
Posted at 5:01 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 17:01:00-04

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Outrage and confusion filled a Thomasville dentist office Thursday after a woman claims the receptionist told her to stop breastfeeding her child.

According to Dr. Sharon Patrick who owns 'A Confident Smile' says a receptionist politely offered the mother, Suzie Ramirez, a more private room, or a nursing scarf if she wanted it.

Patrick says the husband recorded part of the conversation and later posted it to their Facebook page, which went viral.

"We offer these as an act of hospitality, and kindness, and no way control," said Patrick. "But, she was offended and we are very sorry she was offended."

But, in Ramirez's Facebook post the video showed her saying the receptionist told her to leave or to stop breastfeeding in the lobby.

Patrick says none of that was said and she too was a breastfeeding mother so she reiterates there were no bad intentions behind offering Ramirez a private room.

"It always so hard to find places to breastfeed," said Patrick. "I was always so happy when I found somewhere where I felt comfortable and I could have a little bit of quietness and peace."

Ramirez has been advised to not speak on the matter.

As of Friday afternoon the video was taken off Ramirez's profile. She believes someone may have reported it, and that's why it's no longer there.

But, 'A Confident Smile' continues to receive backlash because of the video.

"I've had people cry all day, and are scared to stay at work," said Patrick.

Patrick says her employees have been harassed, some deleted their social media pages due to the negative comments.

The office's reviews are now flooded with harsh comments about the issue. And since, the dentist suspended their Facebook page.

Patrick says she is turning this into a teaching moment.

"This situation happened during National Breastfeeding month, and we want to take this time as an office to educate our staff," said Patrick.

Patrick says they also sent Ramirez an apology letter.