Where to Face Your Fears This Halloween

Posted at 8:45 AM, Oct 31, 2014
and last updated 2016-07-04 12:10:16-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- Halloween is finally here -- so what's the best way to get scared? We went in search of some can't miss Halloween happenings that you still have time to experience yourself.

The crew at Christopher's Christmas Shop in Perry is just like family. That's because every October, it 'tis the season to be spooky.

"People were actually afraid to come in," recalls owner Christopher James.

It all started nine years ago, thanks to a local legend of a haunting in Perry. Now, there's dozens of volunteers -- thousands of visitors -- changing the Christmas shoppe into a house of horrors.

"My family wants me to quit every single year. But I can't. I have so much fun doing it," said James.

So while some of these spirits might be hanging around the shop, this Tallahassee family is inviting other creepy creatures to haunt their house.

"Oh we get lots of reactions. We get some kids who won't even come to the front door because they're too scared," said homeowner Bill Schack.

To say the Schack family goes all out is an understatement. For the past eight years, they spend an entire month transforming this Killearn Estates home into something straight out of a nightmare.

This year, the entire garage is in costume... inviting the brave to walk though and get immersed in the madness.

"We just love doing it. The people in the neighborhood come by every year and ask what we're going to do, and we love to do it for them," said Schack.

And then, things get truly terrifying. Like a zombie chasing its prey, Terror of Tallahassee is rising from the dead this Halloween.

Terror of Tallahassee has been a Halloween staple for years. This year, they've got a new location and a whole new maze to keep everyone scared.

"We had to find a different underground lair to hide out. When people drive by it looks like a tiny little place, but they're unaware of the basement and everything that lurks within," said Professor Greenblade, Terror of Tallahassee's master of ceremonies.

And this haunted house is truly to die.

For 16 years now, its horrifying hallways have terrified thousands of screaming thrill-seekers.

"They can expect the unexpected. That's what we specialize in. And as a matter of fact, they'll see a few thrills they're familiar with but there's nothing that will prepare them for the horror that awaits," said Professor Greenblade.

But it's also scaring up some good - a third of all ticket sales go back to local community groups.

So whether you prefer the gross out, horror, or true terror… you're certainly in for the fright of your life.

"They just keep screaming for more," said Professor Greenblade.

Christopher's Christmas Shop's ninth annual Haunted House Scare continues through October 31. The "happy tour" for kids is 7 p.m.- 8 p.m., and the scare tour is 8:30 p.m. - 11 p.m. For more information, click here.

The Schack family haunted garage will be ready for trick-or-treaters and other thrill-seekers on Halloween night. It's in the Killearn Estates neighborhood in Tallahassee.

Terror of Tallahassee is open through Halloween night, and then for a special "lights out" tour on November 1. The new location is 1408 Lake Bradford Road. For more information, click here.