What Supplements Should you be Taking?

Nutrition Supplements:  Healthy or Harmful?
Posted at 6:00 PM, Mar 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-03 18:00:00-05

Have you taken your vitamins today? And do they really make a difference?

"Supplements in general are just an insurance policy," said nutritionist Megan Ware. "The first thing that I want you to do is make sure you're getting enough nutrients from real food."

However, there are supplements Ware does recommend.

"The ones I think are really helpful and worth taking are something like a probiotic," she said.

And if you don't like fish, she says taking an omega-3 can be helpful. Instead of aspirin or ibuprofen for chronic pain or inflammation, try turmeric. And don't trust pills that say they boost your metabolism.

Also keep in mind, there are no regulations for supplements.

Ware says be sure to go with a reputable company that does their own outside testing. And finally, do a thorough search about what foods affect the absorption of the supplements you take.