10 Ways to Give Thanks to a Caregiver During Thanksgiving

10 Ways to Give Thanks to a Caregiver during Thanksgiving
Posted at 10:54 AM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 14:22:49-05

MIDWAY, FL - Today on Sunrise we list off the top 10 ways to give thanks to a caregiver during Thanksgiving.

1. Send a supportive card or letter.

This simple act can brighten a caregiver's day and remind them there are people who care for them. If you live at a distance, this is the perfect way to show you care.

Keep your cards and letters positive and share happy news about you and your family.

You may want to include a gift card so that the caregiver can have a cup of coffee on you.

2. Give the caregiver a personal care pampering basket. Create a small basket of their favorite lotions, fluffy socks, soothing music, candy, a scented candle, and bath salts.

Caregivers generally do not indulge themselves and need to be reminded to do so.

A caregiver pampering basket may do just that. The list continues below the video.

3. Bring a pre-made meal to the caregiver's home.

You can do this as a one-time act, on a regular basis, or organize a meal calendar where the members of a group sign up to bring a meal over the course of a week or month.

Remember to include paper plates and plastic silverware so the caregiver doesn't have to clean up afterward.

Check to see if there are any food allergies or diet restrictions in advance.

4. Offer to do housework. Many household tasks are difficult to do when someone is caring for an elderly or disabled loved one.

Offer to come in and do laundry, dust, clean bathrooms, vacuum or sweep and mop for a caregiver.

If you are personally unable to do it because of distance or physical limitations, offer to pay a professional cleaning service to come in and help.