Volunteer Wakulla Official on Probation for Anti-Semitic Facebook Comments

Steven Cushman
Posted at 6:05 PM, Aug 06, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-06 14:18:54-04

WAKULLA, FL (WTXL) - A volunteer official in Wakulla County has been placed on probation for anti-Semitic comments make on Facebook.

Wakulla County Commissioners made the decision Monday to put Code Enforcement Board Chairman Steve Cushman on probation.

The comments made on Cushman's Facebook page included one targeting Commissioner Howard Kessler who is Jewish.

The post said, “I have often thought his Jewish background may be what’s leading him to the desire of total control. Perhaps revenge is in his blood."

County Administrator David Edwards reviewed several posts from Cushman's Facebook page for the commission.

Since then, Edwards has written a letter saying that Cushman had already been warned not to mention his official position with the County in offensive speech and that he has disregarded that warning.

In the letter, Edwards recommended to the board that if Cushman violates any more of the County Administrative Regulations for volunteer officials, he should be removed from his position. Cushman is also required to take four hours of diversity training and cannot mention his official position with the County in anymore offensive speech.

Edwards also said in the letter that, "...County staff will not be recommending that [Cushman] be reappointed to the Code Enforcement Board at the conclusion of [his] term in December 2015."

At the Monday meeting, the Commission was given the option to amend the probation requirements but chose not to do so. Instead they accepted Edwards' recommendation.