Violent crash splits teen's car in half

Violent crash splits teen's car in half
Violent crash splits teen's car in half
Posted at 7:42 PM, May 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-20 15:49:40-04

OMAHA, NE (KETV/CNN) - Two teenagers collided at a dangerous intersection, causing one car to split into two pieces.

Miraculously, both drivers walked away with no serious injuries.

"Nobody could believe anyone lived through that scene," said Yayle Roncka who heard the collision.

Seventeen-year-old Marcus Case was behind the wheel when a collision with 18-year-old John Khury split his car in half at 222nd Skyline Drive and Center Street in Omaha, NE.

"I heard a loud noise and I feel a rumble and this has happened before," Roncka said. "It's scary as a parent."

On the last day of school for Elkhorn South, his son's classmate was the one in the car split in half.

"Makes your hair stand up and you know someone alive was in it at one point," Roncka said.

"The pictures are very dramatic. If someone was in the backseat, (they’re) looking at serious injury or major fatality," said Capt. Wayne Hudson with the Douglas County Sheriff's Department.

People have died at this intersection, including KETV photojournalist Jeff Frolio in 2004.

He was working on a story on how the Nebraska Roads Department planned to make the intersection safer after the death of a teenage girl.

Hudson said they may study it again.

“Every month, my personnel, we meet and talk about problem areas of the county. So, this is one we may highlight and pay specific attention to for our traffic unit," Hudson explained.

Deputies ticketed Khury for reckless driving, but he could get another ticket after they complete the investigation.

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