Video: Officers discussing prosecutor's DUI crash seem to plan coverup

Video: Officers discussing prosecutor's DUI crash seem to plan coverup
Video: Officers discussing prosecutor's DUI crash seem to plan coverup
Posted at 9:04 AM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 05:07:09-04

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (WOOD/CNN) - Three police officers are accused of trying to cover up a former prosecutor's drunken driving crash.

Phone calls from the November 2016 incident were made public on Wednesday after a court demanded they be released.

In the aftermath of the incident, two of the officers were suspended, and one officer was fired.

A judge ruled that the former prosecutor in the video will stand trial for charges in the car crash.

In the recording, officer Adam Ickes, Lt. Matthew Janiskee and Sgt. Thomas Warwick of Grand Rapids Police Dept. seem to discuss covering up the wrong-way crash of Josh Kuiper from the prosecutor's office.

Ickes said the visibly intoxicated Kuiper hit a parked car, knocked someone to the ground during the crash and admitted to being intoxicated.

Matthew Janiskee told Ickes to "pass him on sobriety."

In addition to discussing how they're going to cover up Kuiper's crash, another big portion of the recordings discussed the lieutenant's wife, Monica Janiskee, who also works an assistant prosecutor for Kent County.

Sgt. Thomas Warwick was concerned that the prosecutor's office would dig up video related to the crash.

Matthew Janiskee told Warwick, "She will be smart enough not to dig into it ... Because if she does dig I'll end up getting a f---ing day or two off and then I'll be really f---ing pissed."

Both the Grand Rapids city manager and police chief are reacting to the recordings.

"It's not a behavior that we can accept or condone in any way," Grand Rapids City Manager Gregory Sundstrom said. "What I want everyone to know is occasionally things like this happen. We are humans and we have faults and frailty. I believe this is an isolated case. There is no reason to believe that it is more than that."

Chief David Rahinksy said, "We're about transparency. We're about accountability. Those aren't just buzz words. Those are guiding principles. There should be no conversation that takes place in this building that effects the community that we serve that we're not willing to share."

The police chief said he hopes the incident doesn't make the public think less of the police department as a whole.

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