Victim Identified From Shooting on Holton Street

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Posted at 4:38 PM, Jul 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-23 08:43:48-04

Tallahassee, FL (WTXL) -- Tallahassee Police identified Kerwin Houston as the victim shot on the 2500 block of Holton Street.

Police say the shooting happened on Holton Street at The Leon Arms Apartments in early Saturday morning.

Tallahassee Police responded to the scene after neighbors reported hearing screams coming from the apartment complex.

Houston was found in one of the units later that morning according to Tallahassee Police.

Spokesperson for the Tallahassee Police Department, David Northway, says police will "try and bring this case to a close for the family members or Mr.  Houston. Our hearts and thoughts go out to them and we will work to the very end to try and to solve this crime."

Officers are investigating the death of Houston as a homicide and are currently looking for witnesses.

If you have any information regarding this case, please call 850-606-5800.