Valdosta Police Arrest 14 in Valdosta High School Burglary

Posted at 12:05 PM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 06:32:10-04

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WTXL) - The Valdosta Police Department said that they have arrested 14 people in connection to a burglary at Valdosta High School.

They said that the burglary happened back in March.

They said that one minor was also arrested and turned over the the Department of Juvenile Justice.

VPD says that they are still looking for one minor and two adults in connection to the crime.

On March 27, around 10:52 p.m., a Valdosta patrol officer was on normal patrol when he noticed suspicious activity at the Valdosta High School.

He observed multiple people leaving the parking lot area at 11 o’clock at night, when the school was closed and no known high school functions were happening.

The officer next noticed what appeared to be white smoke coming from the cafeteria area and one of the rear doors was unsecure. In addition, the officer saw three intruders who were inside the school, who then ran away when they saw law enforcement.

The intruders continued running until they ran into the woods on the east side of the school grounds.

The officer called for additional units as well as the Valdosta Fire Department to assist in discovering the source of the white smoke.

The white smoke was quickly discovered to not be an active structure fire, but instead the discharge of multiple fire extinguishers.

As officers proceeded into the school, they located a plethora of damage:

They said that tables had been overturned; vegetable oil had been poured out and then spread onto the floor in multiple locations. Liquid soap had been poured on the tables, floors and squirted onto several of the student’s lockers. Pickle relish and eggs had been thrown on several walls. Red spray paint had been used to spray graffiti on several walls.

The school was also infested with live worms and crickets as they had been brought by the offenders and dumped inside the school. One vending machine had been destroyed and a security camera had also been disabled.

They said that multiple fire extinguishers had been removed from their storage cradles inside the school and then discharged throughout the gymnasium and cafeteria covering the area in a thick blanket of sodium bicarbonate dust.

The total estimated damage to the school was over $4,000 worth.

A full list of those arrested is below: 

Arrested: Anijhan Marshall, African American female, 18 years old

o Tevin Gray, African American male, 17 years old

o Jakhari Wells, African American male, 17 years old

o Joshua Henry, African American male, 18 years old

o Patreccee Berrian, African American female, 18 years old

o Marcus Floyd, African American male, 21 years old

o Destinee Holmes, African American female, 20 years old

o Tamarius Askew, African American male, 18 years

o Steve Arzola, African American male, 17 years old

o Timiyah Bethay, African American female, 17 years old

o Darren Davis, African American male, 18 years old

o Jacquavious Johnson, African American male, 19 years old

They are all being charged with felony burglary. Police say arrest warrants have been signed for 15 adults. 

“This case appeared to be a high school prank that went badly. However, the law was in fact violated; thousands of dollars of property was damage occurred that someone has to pay, in addition to the manpower wasted because school staff spent hours cleaning up the building and making repairs. The police department takes no joy in charging these youths with felony offenses but this went well beyond a joke or prank,” said Lieutenant Adam Bembry.